Here are the Purposes of the RTO.

1. RTO-PA provides an opportunity for people of all musical levels to join together to create music in a non-judgmental atmosphere of  compassionate encouragement.
2. RTO-PA gives experienced musicians the opportunity to explore other instruments.
3. RTO-PA provides an opportunity for musicians to experience the joy of performing for family, friends, and community.
4. RTO-PA expands music education and appreciation into the adult population.
5. RTO-PA is where musicians can joyfully rehearse and perform in the knowledge that music brings joy to both the performer and the audience.
6. RTO-PA gives lapsed musicians a place get back their skills.
7. RTO-PA members conduct ourthemselves in the spirit of “The Really Terrible Orchestra” of Scotland on which we are modeled and by whom we are sanctioned.
8. RTO-PA provides a place to make friends with others whose common interest is music.