RTO-PA is the place for the passionate but not necessarily skillful person to play in a non-threatening, non-judgmental group for fun and the love of making music. Many of our musicians are actually quite excellent but come here to learn a new instrument.

We believe every person has the right to play music. Yet, we realize not everybody is skilled enough to play with a professional orchestra.

RTO-PA is a place where anyone whose musical ability is less than superb can be a member of a real orchestra. “Real” musicians are allowed to join. However, they are encouraged to play a new instrument. (We like having good musicians, because they can count!But we don’t want them to get bored.)

All we require from a potential member is that they have a sense of humor, their own instrument, be able to read music, plus have a willingness to try.

Our gracious conductor, Carol Eisenbise, continues to blossom as our String-Bass-turned-conductor and we get Bill Fox (Trombone) conducting and arranging pieces here and there. Every person is encouraged to follow their musical dreams. Come and join us if you enjoy laughter, a relaxed fun atmosphere and most of all, Music.

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