RTO-PA at Foy Hall

RTO-PA at Foy Hall

                                         The Really Terrible Orchestra – Pennsylvania                                         Educating and Entertaining since 2008

                            Sanctioned by the original Really Terrible Orchestra in Scotland,                      RTO-PA is an organization for musicians of all levels of accomplishment to be in an orchestra to make music for the delight of it.

                           We have beginners, people returning to music after a long hiatus,                                     and even professional musicians learning a secondary instrument.                         All skill levels (or lack thereof) are encouraged to join.

            New Members Always Welcome

       The Really Terrible Orchestra of Pennsylvania (RTO-PA) is thrilled to welcome new     members all the time.  So dust off your neglected instrument and join in the fun.

                                       Let’s make some music for the sheer joy of Music!                                           Membership is open to anyone who can read music and has an instrument.             You must be willing to practice or feel guilty if you don’t. 😉

                                 We give concerts that include benefits and nursing homes.                                    Rehearsals are 7 pm on Thursdays at Kirkland Village in Bethlehem.


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